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TiHo proves to establish new extra-occupational postgraduate programs

The TiHo research project „Aufbau einer Koordinationsstelle für BErufs-begleitende WeiterbildungsSTudiengänge in der VETerinärmedizin – BEST-VET“ (setup of a coordination office for extra-occupational postgraduate programs in veterinary medicine) is granted by the competition „Aufstieg durch Bildung: offene Hochschulen“ (professional advancement through education) initially for three and a half years.

A BEST-VET coordination office develops new certificate and master programs in:

-          Veterinary Public Health

-          Laboratory Animal Science

The aim is to enable employed as well as veterinarians with family responsibilities to participate in high quality Master of Science (MSc) programs.

Goals of BEST-VET are:

-          to generate and gain specialists and managers in Veterinary Public Health and Laboratory Animal Science

-          integration of scientific findings in occupational practice

-          to deepen the knowledge of current national and international law

-          to improve and update the through occupational practice acquired knowledge and skills


About the program:

The prospective program is organized in modules, which can be completed within two years. After graduation of all modules and writing a comprehensive master thesis, the grade "Master of Science" (MSc) will be awarded.

Most modules can also be booked separate in order to meet individual demands for postgraduate education.

The course of the modules includes phases of guided self-study and therefore enables to complete the program occupation accompanying. Learning pace and times can be managed yourself.

Please note that the course is only conducted in German language.



An EU recognized final degree in veterinary medicine is required.

The programs run occupation accompanying. Family responsibilities apply accordingly (proof must be provided).

During funding phase, the programs are not charged on condition of participation in all evaluations.



Due to funding by the competition „Aufstieg durch Bildung: offene Hochschulen“ (professional advancement through education) programs are not charged during the development phase of the project.

Costs for travelling, accommodation and study material not provided by the TiHo are excepted.

You are very welcome to subscribe to our list of interested person to get all news right away. Just send an informal email to You can also put your name down for upcoming modules by email.

For further question we are happy to help you via email or phone.


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