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Measures to slow the spread of the coronvirus

The aim of all measures is to contain the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and thus the protection of employees, students and animal owners. Please act responsibly and attach importance to contact minimization and contact reduction in all actions.

+++++ Update October 12, 2020 +++++

Corona-FAQs of the TiHo

General information

What should I do if I have symptoms of illness or have had contact with a COVID-19 infected person?

In case of suspicion, please contact your family doctor by telephone. If a COVID-19 infection is confirmed, follow the doctor's instructions. Afterwards, please inform your supervisor or the Student Office by telephone or e-mail. 

Is it necessary to wear a mask at the TiHo?

Students are required to wear a face mask as long as they are on the TiHo grounds and in the buildings near other people.

Could I come directly to the TiHo from abroad?

If you enter from a risk area, you must first go into domestic quarantine for 14 days before you are allowed to enter the TiHo premises. Countries are classified as risk areas if the infection rate is 50 or more infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants. The RKI country list provides an orientation. If you are affected, please consult your supervisor or the staff at the Student Office.


Could I come to the clinic with my animal for treatment?

The TiHo clinics are still open for their animals. During your visit, please observe the hygiene and distance regulations, including face mask, and strictly follow the instructions of the staff. Please come alone with your animal and register in advance if possible. If you are ill, feel ill or have had contact with an infected person in the past 14 days, please contact another person, to go with your animal. Please give this person an informal power of attorney and their contact details.

Study & Teaching


How will the winter semester 2020/21 take place?

Currently, preparations for the coming winter semester are running. Many courses and examinations will be held digitally, as in the summer semester 2020. We are also trying to offer presence courses again. We will try to offer attendance events again, taking into account all hygiene regulations. How many face-to-face courses will ultimately be offered depends on the current infection situation and may change at short notice.

When does the winter semester 2020/21 begin?

The semester for freshmen starts on November 1, 2020. For all current students and also for applicants of the higher semesters the semester starts on October 12, 2020.


The semester ends for ALL on January 29, 2021.

When can I register for the elective courses for the winter semester 2020/21?

Since the winter semester 2020/21 will probably be a hybrid semester, the new timetables are currently being prepared. When they are ready, the times of the elective courses will be announced. It is possible that the usual WP times, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, will change. You will be informed as soon as you can register for the elective courses of the winter semester 2020/21. 

Where do the state exams take place?

Most of the electronic exams for the State Examination will take place at the Hannover Congress Centrum this year, so that you can observe the currently required spacing regulations.

How could I get information about examinations and internships?

You will receive important information on your course of studies, for example on examinations or internships, via e-mails sent to you individually. We therefore ask you to keep your e-mail inboxes free and to read your e-mails without fail.

Do I have to present a sick note if I do not take my exam?

Generally, yes. If you have any problems, please contact the Student Office. If you are unable to take an exam, you must cancel the exam in advance by telephone or e-mail.

Is there a free trial for failed examinations during the Corona Pandemic?

No, there is no free attempt.

I am a single parent / I have children and no supervision during the exam. Does the TiHo offer child care?

The TiHo does not offer child care.


I am in my internship year, can I complete my internships?

If, despite all efforts, internships are still missing, the TiHo has additional places available so that you can complete your internships and have no disadvantages for your studies.


For the slaughterhouse internship there are digital substitute events.

Will there be practical exercises?

The study of veterinary medicine is not possible without practical exercises. Since June, presence exercises have been taking place again in small groups. Before the first day of practice, the students are tested for a corona virus infection. 


During the exercises, the applicable rules of hygiene and behaviour must be observed and face mask must be worn.

Is the Clinical Skills Lab open?

The Clinical Skills Lab is open. Entrance is only possible after previous course booking via TiHoStudIS. During the CSL courses, the applicable rules of hygiene and conduct must be observed and a face mask must be worn. The "home study offer" can still be used via Moodle.


Despite the opening, the computers and printers of the Clinical Skills Lab cannot be used, nor can the TiHo cards be validated. If you want to validate your CSL-WP-card, please send it by mail to the Clinical Skills Lab (ZELDA - Zentrum für E-Learning, Didaktik und Ausbildungsforschung, Clinical Skills Lab, Bischofsholer Damm 15, Gebäude 116 (EG), 30173 Hannover) or drop them in the mailbox of the Clinical Skills Lab at the entrance to the ITTN.

Are the computer rooms open?

The computer rooms will remain closed until further notice.


Students who have a private Internet connection with a poor or low bandwidth are allowed to use the computer rooms in the TiHo Tower. They must register via the Student Office.

Are internships currently offered for school children or TiHo-external students?

Until December 31, 2020, no internships for school children or external students are offered at the TiHo.


Where do I apply for the "Überbrückungshilfe"?

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers a "Überbrückungshilfe" of 100 to 500 Euro for students who are in a proven emergency situation due to the corona pandemic. This support can be applied for on the Federal Ministry website.

Where could I apply for the "Corona-Nothilfe", the KfW-Studienkredit?

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, KfW, gives credits to qualified students which are interest-free up to March 31, 2021. You can find more information and the application form here.





From when do I have to present a medical certificate in case of incapacity to work?

The obligation to present a medical certificate in the event of incapacity to work is again governed by the statutory regulation (presentation of a medical certificate after the 3rd calendar day of incapacity to work), unless otherwise regulated individually.

I'm on holiday and going abroad. Do I have to go into 14-day quarantine after a stay abroad?

A quarantine is ordered if you enter Germany from a risk area, that means a country with currently 50 or more cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants. The RKI's list of countries provides orientation. Whether or not you have to go into quarantine depends on the level of infection on the day you enter Germany. 


If you have to be quarantined on your return, please contact your supervisor by telephone or e-mail. Together you will clarify whether during the 14 days you will work in the home office or whether the time is covered by holidays or flexitime.

Persons who are in quarantine are not allowed to enter the TiHo buildings! Exempt from the quarantine obligation is anyone who can present a negative corona test (medical certificate). Current information about the regulations for travel returnees in Lower Saxony can be found here.


Continued payment of salary and wages:

If your destination is a high-risk country before you start your trip, you must bridge a 14-day quarantine period with rest holidays or flexitime hours or work in the home office. If this is not possible, you will lose your entitlement to payment of your salary or wages for this period. If your destination is declared a risk country during your stay, you are still entitled to payment of your salary or wages.

May I travel (abroad) on business?

We ask you to avoid business trips, especially abroad, if possible and to use the possibility of video or telephone conferences. If a business trip is unavoidable, please give reasons for this in your – in time applied – business trip application.


If you are going on a business trip, you can use your private vehicle until December 31, 2020 without further justification.

Could I work from home?

If your work allows you to do it from home and your superiors order it, mobile working is possible. Mobile working also requires that you can be reached by telephone and e-mail during core working hours from 9:00 to 15:30 (or the times fixed by your institute).


How do I combine my work and the supervision of my child(ren)?

There are different possibilities for TiHo employees to arrange work and care for their own child:

  • If the workplace makes it possible, mobile work can be done and thus the work can be done flexibly during the day. Telephone availability during core working hours is required.
  • It is possible to reduce flexitime hours or remaining leave from 2019.
  • If these two variants are not possible, up to three days' leave of absence from work can be granted in excess of the standard rate for the care of children up to the age of 14. These days do not necessarily have to be taken in one go; it is also possible to grant leave on a daily or hourly basis. A corresponding application must be submitted to the Personnel Department.
  • If all these possibilities are exhausted, minus hours can be built up after consultation with superiors: Full-time employees up to 80 minus hours, part-time employees accordingly less. These hours must be worked up at a later date.
  • A further possibility is free time off work in accordance with the Infection Protection Act.
  • In addition, there is the possibility to reduce the working hours for a limited period or to apply for special leave with loss of remuneration due to the exceptional situation.


If you have any questions or if you want to make use of one of the possibilities described above, please contact your personnel administrat

How do I get a certificate for the entitlement to emergency care (of my own child(ren))?

Employees of the clinics and the RIZ have the option of obtaining a certificate of "systemically relevant employment" if they perform duties as veterinary surgeons, veterinary assistants or animal caretakers or if they are needed to directly ensure the operation of these areas.


All other employees receive on application a certificate of their employment with the TiHo as a public corporation, if necessary with the addition of mobile working possible or not possible.


If you need one of these certificates, please contact your responsible personnel officer.

Does holiday care for children of members of the university take place?

Yes, the Kids-Fit-Feriencamp of the Centre for University Sports is offered during the summer and autumn holidays. You can find more information about the summer holiday care and the autumn holiday care on the intranet.


Services of the library

Is the library open?

The library is open during its regular opening hours.

Monday to Thursday: 9:00 to 19:00

Friday and Saturday: 9:00 to 17:00

Sunday: closed

What do I have to consider when visiting the library?

Please wear a face mask. Furthermore, we ask you to observe the applicable hygiene and distance regulations.

Could I borrow media from the library?

You could take textbooks and reference books from the subject groups from the shelves and borrow them yourself. Other media could be ordered or reserved as usual via our library catalogue and picked up later. 

Could I study in the library?

Currently, the use of the library on campus is limited. Currently we could offer 17 workplaces. If you use one of the workplaces, you have to fill out a form with your contact information in order to trace chains of infection.

Could I extend my borrowed books?

During the winter semester 2020/21 you can renew your books yourself via your user account.

Will overdue media be reminded?

Since June 3, the regular reminder times and fees have been in effect again. Please return your media in time – contactless via the return box in front of the library or by (internal) mail.

Are training courses offered?

Detailed consultations and training courses are currently offered by e-mail, telephone or (video) conferencing via MS Teams. Please feel free to make an appointment with us, here you will find the appropriate contact person.


Do events take place at the TiHo?

Up to and including December 31, 2020, the TiHo will only hold limited events for further and advanced training as well as external events. If you have any questions, please contact Antje Rendigs (Tel.: +49 511 953-8028, e-mail). Exceptions are events within the scope of the study programme, such as examinations. The hygiene concept must be observed in each case.



Is the cafeteria Caballus open?

The cafeteria Caballus has opened again with restrictions. From Monday to Friday, from 8 to 14 o'clock in each case. Please observe the applicable hygiene and distance regulations and wear a face mask.

Is the cafeteria in the TiHo-Tower open?

The cafeteria in the TiHo-Tower is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. Between 11 am to 13:30 pm warm meals will be offered. If you eat in the cafeteria, you must leave your contact information, as is the norm in other restaurants. More information can be found here. Please observe the current hygiene and distance regulations and wear a face mask.

Previous updates

+++++ Update October 9, 2020 +++++

Current safety and hygiene concept SARS-CoV-2 published. You can find it in the box on the right or here.


From Monday, October 12, 2020, warm meals will again be offered in the cafeteria in the TiHo Tower. Every day from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 13:30 pm. The cafeteria will continue to be open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 2 pm.

+++++ Update September 4, 2020 +++++

Information for returning travelers:

If you are entering Germany from a risk area, you must enter a 14-day quarantine. If you can present a negative corona test (medical certificate), you are exempt from the quarantine obligation.

+++++ Update August 22, 2020 +++++

The library is open Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 o'clock. The library is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

+++++ Update August 20, 2020 +++++

From Monday, August 31, 2020, the Caballus cafeteria will be open again. From Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., there are sandwiches, flagueline, filled flat bread, muffins, sweets, coffee and co. to take away.

Students receive a 30 percent discount on everything!

Please note the hygiene measures that apply in the refectory to protect against the corona virus:

  • 1.5 meter distance
  • Wearing a face mask
  • No cash payment
  • No consumption in the dining room

Further information can be found here.

+++++ Update July 29, 2020 +++++

Dear students,


the winter semester 2020/21 will probably be a hybrid semester, therefore the new timetables are currently being prepared. When they are ready, the times of the elective courses will be announced. It is possible that the usual WP times, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, will change. You will be informed as soon as you can register for the elective courses of the winter semester 2020/21.

+++++ Update July 20, 2020 +++++

Dear students,


the Clinical Skills Lab is open till July 15. Entrance is only possible after previous course booking via TiHoStudIS. During the CSL courses, the applicable rules of hygiene and conduct must be observed and a face mask must be worn. The "home study offer" can still be used via Moodle.


Despite the opening, the computers and printers of the Clinical Skills Lab cannot be used, nor can the TiHo cards be validated. If you want to validate your CSL-WP-card, please send it by mail to the Clinical Skills Lab (ZELDA - Zentrum für E-Learning, Didaktik und Ausbildungsforschung, Clinical Skills Lab, Bischofsholer Damm 15, Gebäude 116 (EG), 30173 Hannover) or drop them in the mailbox of the Clinical Skills Lab at the entrance to the ITTN.

+++++ Update June 18, 2020 +++++

This week - under the appropriate security measures - for the first time again presence exercises took place at the TiHo. About 50 students of the 4th semester are currently taking part in very small groups in propaedeutic exercises and an anatomy course. During the next four weeks, about 50 more students will follow each week. So far everything has worked well. We hope it was and is nice to visit the TiHo again and practicing was fun!

+++++ Update June 8, 2020 +++++

From today, Monday, 8 June 2020, the canteen in the TiHo Tower is open again. From Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., there are sandwiches, flagueline, filled flat bread, muffins, sweets, coffee and co. to take away.

Students receive a 30 percent discount on everything!

Please note the hygiene measures that apply in the refectory to protect against the corona virus:

  • 1.5 meter distance
  • Wearing a face mask
  • No cash payment
  • No consumption in the dining room

Further information can be found here.

+++++ Update June 5, 2020 +++++

Information for students of the 2nd and 4th semester

Dear students,
we want you to be able to successfully complete your studies and learn a lot. In the study of veterinary medicine practical exercises are indispensable for this. At the end of the semester or in the summer, therefore, we will again offer attendance exercises. Of course, under the best possible safety precautions to protect you and the TiHo employees. You will receive the necessary information about the practical exercises by e-mail. Please keep your mailboxes free for this purpose.

Shortly - in summer - the Ruthe course for the 2nd semester will also be continued in a compressed form. You will be informed of the corresponding schedule.

For the 4th semester, there will be preparatory exercises and a course in anatomy from mid-June, so that you can prepare well for the exam. The courses will take place 4 days a week at the TiHo. You will find the schedule with the corresponding planning on the notice board on TiHoStudis.

To increase safety and reduce the risk of infection, we will carry out tests for coronavirus infection on the first day of each event. Time and place for sampling will be communicated to you individually. Since this measure can only be successful if everyone participates, the test is obligatory and a prerequisite for participation in the exercises.

From Wednesday to Friday the courses take place in very small groups. Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange groups so that traceability is maintained without any problems. If you have had suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 disease in the 14 days before your exercise or if you are in quarantine, you are unfortunately not allowed to come to the TiHo and practice. Please have understanding for this. We are looking forward to seeing you, at the same time we would like to point out that all known rules of distance and behaviour as well as the obligation to wear masks must be observed. We as veterinarians must avoid the further spread of the pathogen in a special way.

+++++ Update Mai 28, 2020 +++++

Dear students,

even though the study programme currently has a different "face", exams have to take place! Currently the planning is in progress - everything looks good! However, the originally planned dates may be postponed by a few days. However, you will be informed about the dates by e-mail in time, so that there is still enough time to study. Stay healthy!

+++++ 2nd Update April 24, 2020 +++++

The president of the Bundesverband beamteter Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte (BbT), Holger Vogel, has called on the veterinary and food inspection authorities to make internships possible for students - even under the special conditions - and the president of the Bundesverband praktizierender Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte (bpt), Siegfried Moder, has published an appeal for immediate help in the corona phase for the SS 2020 in the search for free internship places. On the BpT has published a list of free internship places. President Greif expressly welcomes the actions and thanks the presidents and associations for their commitment.

Furthermore, a big thank you goes to all colleagues in practices, offices and slaughterhouses for their willingness and commitment in the practical training of the future generation of veterinarians and thus to their future colleagues.

+++++ Update April 24, 2020 +++++

Summary of current measures

We have summarized the current safety-related and organizational measures for infection protection against SARS-CoV-2 at the TiHo in a document for you.


+++++ Update April 23, 2020 +++++

Dear students!

The digital semester has started and some of you have already studied hard. We hope you enjoy the new formats! ZELDA has created an overview table of courses for you, which will be continuously updated. You can find this Excel table on TiHoMoodle under ZELDA and on TiHoStudis under learning materials. From next week on there will be an overview for each semester. These could not be produced yet, as some tools will change in the course of the week - depending on how they prove themselves. Thanks for your patience! You are welcome to use your semester groups in TiHoMoodle to exchange questions in the forums and collect important concerns. Your semester representatives can then forward your concerns in a bundled form and you will receive all information via a central office. Please write only the most necessary mails if you have questions. Otherwise we cannot take care of your teaching and examinations.

A short summary on your requests: Examinations will be announced and held in time. You will be able to continue studying, even if a course (for example Ruthe course) is still missing. Please make sure to bring your own face masks to all examinations. A central supply by TiHo with masks for exams is not possible and would lead to close contacts during the distribution.

And again the request: Keep your TiHo e-mail account free! You will receive the invitations for courses.

Good luck!


+++++ Update April 17, 2020 +++++

Dear students!

The summer term starts on April 20, 2020 - welcome to digital teaching! In principle, this semester will be conducted digitally; we will inform you if attendance-based courses should take place during the semester. PJler with the rotation at the TiHo can continue to conduct these on site, under the given hygiene measures. Examinations may also continue to take place on site under hygiene conditions.

Students who are still abroad or in quarantine have no disadvantages, because they can study independent of location. Please be lenient with us if everything is not yet perfect during the first days.

Where can you find the contents you are supposed to learn at home? We add this information to the timetables (notice board on TiHoStudis). There you can see whether the course is held on TiHoStudis, TiHoMoodle, CASUS or with MS Teams, for example. In addition, there are weekly schedules in which you can see the course contents. Please do not postpone your studies until Friday! You can enjoy most of the events regardless of time and place. Online question hours and some live events are of course time-bound. TiHoMoodle will be activated for you in time - here you will receive an e-mail with all important information for getting started.

Since many of the elective courses you have booked cannot be held, an additional online registration for online-based elective courses will take place between April 17 and 20.
The copyrights to the digital courses remain with the lecturers, the documents are for your education only, distribution is not permitted.

The TiHo lecturers, all ZELDA staff, the Department of Student and Academic Affairs and TiHo-IDS are there for you so that you can continue to get through your studies well. Please do not forget to keep your TiHo mail account free to receive the relevant information. Please also check the website regularly.
Good luck!

General Events

There is currently an increasing demand for general events at the TiHo. The status reported on March 13, 2020 applies: Until June 30, 2020 all TiHo events will be cancelled or postponed. This includes the exam farewell party, the graduation ceremony and the summer party.

+++++ Update April 9, 2020 +++++

Practical year: Internships outside the TiHo

We expressly ask all veterinarians and those responsible in slaughterhouses and veterinary authorities to offer internships that had to be broken off or could not be started due to current events, under the same protective conditions as those otherwise applicable to employees, as soon as this is possible. It is our goal and our obligation to continue to offer students an excellent education. For this we need the support of all our partners. Very well trained

Summer Term 2020

To date, we continue to assume that the summer term will start on April 20, 2020. Due to the late start, it will last 13 instead of 14 weeks. Nevertheless, it should still be possible to take the examinations in the summer. All lecturers are preparing the lessons online with great zeal. Many thanks for this! There are already many exciting concepts that you can look forward to. Teaching will be done online until the universities are allowed to open again regularly. Exercises will probably take place at the end of the semester. Unfortunately, we cannot yet say when exactly. The digital teaching units will take place via online systems as seminars on TiHoStudis, CASUS and TiHoMoodle. Some PJ students have already been able to gain experience with this. There will be as few online lectures in real time as possible so that everyone can benefit from the teaching, also because the internet connections are not always optimal. The Quoten will be mainly run via TiHoMoodle. TiHoMoodle will be ready for all students in April. Cases will be closed, you can write reports. You will receive weekly tasks for each subject from the clinics and institutes, which you can work through. This ensures a regular progress of your studies. Some elective courses have to be newly selected. You will receive the corresponding information. The data of the PJ students, who could not complete all extramural internships, are collected. We are currently preparing alternative courses for them. Examination dates will still be communicated individually. Please keep your e-mail folders free so that you will receive the corresponding information.

Please understand that not everything can be predicted in advance and that the planning and preparations also take time. The current situation demands a high degree of flexibility from all of us.

All the best for you and happy Easter holidays - we are looking forward to welcoming you again soon on the campus. The next information will be after Easter!

Thank you!

A big thank you to all TiHo staff members who work in the clinics and institutes on site and carry out the tasks of the TiHo as well as to those who carry out the agreed work in the home office! These times are a great challenge for all of us and demand that we reorganize our everyday work, react flexibly and find new ways to complete our tasks. Finding new routines requires strength. Thank you very much for summoning up this strength and contributing with commitment and creativity so that TiHo can continue to fulfil its tasks in research, teaching and services at a high quality level.

TiHo recommends video conferencing systems

The IDS has intensively dealt with video conferencing systems that are suitable for TiHo. In addition to the functionality in the TiHo infrastructure, the selection process focused on the feasibility of the necessary system administration, usability for users and aspects of data protection.
The following systems meet the requirements and should be used at the TiHo, for example for courses or for internal exchange:
1. Microsoft teams (max. number of participants: 250)
2. DFNConf (Max. number of participants: 23)
3. adobe connect (max. number of participants: 200)

+++++ Update March 27, 2020


On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, the last state examination of this year's final year for veterinary medicine should have taken place. Due to the measures taken to contain the coronavirus, the examination could not be held in the lecture hall as planned. Today, 234 students have taken this exam online - with a delay of only two days. Despite the short preparation time, the system worked stably. Congratulations to all new colleagues! You have made it! You are now veterinarians! Many thanks to all those involved, who made this solution possible and pushed it forward in the short time available!

+++++ Update March 25, 2020 +++++

Last exam

Good news for the students who are currently in the state exams: Thanks to the commitment, dedication and inventiveness of the Vice-President for Teaching, the Student Office and the E-Learning Office, they will be able to take the last remaining exam "Berufs- und Standesrecht" on Friday. Good luck!

Video message from TiHo president Dr. Gerhard Greif

You can view the message here:

New orientation guide from the Robert Koch Institute

The Robert Koch Institute has published a new orientation guide for doctors:

In addition, Professor Dr. Christian Drosten reported on March 24, 2020 in the 20th edition of his daily NDR podcast that the most important protective measure is to maintain a minimum distance of one and a half metres, because the virus can be transmitted before symptoms appear:

So please keep sufficient distance!


+++++ Update March 24, 2020 +++++

Letter to the students

Canceled exams, postponed classes: Many students are now concerned about what will happen next. The TiHo is working hard to minimize or avoid disadvantages for students:
Here you can find a letter to the TiHo students.

Patient care

All TiHo clinics are still available for emergencies - you can find out more on the websites of the respective clinics:


Small Animal Clinic
Clinic for Horses
Clinic for Pets, Reptiles and Birds
Clinic for Cattle
Clinic for Swine, Small Ruminants and Forensic Medicine


Practical year: Internships outside the TiHo

Whether students can continue or begin their practical training during the practical year, which they are currently completing in the slaughterhouse or in a veterinary practice, depends on the respective company. On the part of the TiHo there are no restrictions or guidelines. However, we appeal to all veterinarians and slaughterhouse operators to continue the internships and, in case of interruptions, to offer them again.

+++++ Update March 20, 2020 +++++

Students in the practical year

The presence phase of the running practical year must unfortunately be interrupted with immediate effect. It will be replaced by alternative teaching and learning methods at short notice.

General: Have I infected myself with the corona virus?

Many employees and students are uncertain whether they are infected and can be carriers of the corona virus.

As a general rule, the public health authorities try to quarantine especially those who have had intensive direct contact with infected persons. Non-intensive, short, superficial contacts result in a lower risk of infection. Therefore, not all contacts are always quarantined or tested. In the meantime, the corona test is primarily carried out on the so-called risk persons.

There are many cases where a person (person A) has had contact with a person (person B) who in turn has had contact with a suspected case. In these cases, the Robert Koch Institute does not recommend any particular restrictions as long as person B is symptom-free and the corona test was negative, is still pending or no test has been performed and person A is also symptom-free.

We also recommend using the online questionnaire of the Charité:


+++++ Update March 19, 2020 +++++


The library will continue to restrict its operations until April 19, 2020:
The books must be ordered in advance and an appointment must be made for collection within the opening hours (Mon to Fri, 9 am to 3 pm). Please send us an e-mail to or call us at +49 511 953-7101.  

In addition, you can now renew your borrowed books up to 8 times in your user account. The reminders will be suspended until the end of April. For a pure return of media please use exclusively our book box in front of the library entrance.


+++++ Update March 17, 2020 +++++


Returnees from abroad should please not come to TiHo for 14 days. Please report to your superiors.

Master Theses

Doctoral and master's students who are currently doing research at the TiHo can continue their work within the framework of the respective institution regulations.


As things stand at present, the disputations will take place - but without the usual audience. Unfortunately, parents and friends will not be able to attend.

Clinical Skills Lab

The Clinical Skills Lab remains closed.

Computer rooms

The computer rooms will remain closed.


+++++ Update March 16, 2020 +++++

Information for pet owners

The Small Animal Clinic, the Clinic for Horses, the Clinic for Pets, Reptiles and Birds, Clinic for Cattle and Clinic for Swine, Small Ruminants and Forensic Medicine have each published information for animal owners.

Exams and courses

Plans are underway to organise alternative events and to make up for failed tests. The affected students will be informed as soon as possible.


Administrative staff who are able to carry out their work from home in principle, in part or with reasonable restrictions, remain at home in agreement with their superiors. It is ensured that colleagues can be reached by telephone or e-mail during core working hours from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.


+++++ 2nd Update March 15, 2020 +++++

The Student Services Organisation Hanover closes all cafeterias from Monday, March 16, 2020. So the cafeteria in the TiHo-Tower and the cafeteria Caballus will also be closed.

+++++ Update March 15, 2020 +++++

Due to the rapidly developing situation, the TiHo is tightening its measures to slow the spread of the coronvirus.

Important: Official communications

Please check your TiHo e-mails regularly. There will be personal notifications that can only be communicated via email.

You are needed!

TiHo cares about the health of its employees and wants to contribute to containing COVID-19 events. At the same time, the TiHo must ensure the fulfillment of its research, teaching and service tasks. The heads of the clinics and institutes as well as the other facilities and administrative units organize this for their respective areas. They will check for their respective employees whether they can do some or all of their work from home. Employees whose jobs do not allow this must show up for work if they are healthy. Otherwise, please continue to observe the regulations and instructions for protection against COVID-19.

Cancellation of all exams!

All exams will be cancelled. As soon as possible again, the appointments are organized quickly again. You will receive further information by e-mail.

Patient care

We have to protect our employees in the clinics in order to continue to provide your animals with the best possible care. From now on we only record emergencies. Please register by phone. Access to the clinic buildings is regulated. Please follow the instructions of the TiHo staff.
Small Animal Clinic
Tel .: +49 511 953-6200
Clinic for horses
Tel .: +49 511 953-6500
In the evening and at night: Tel .: +49 511 953-6651
Clinic for pets, reptiles and birds
Tel .: +49 511 953-6800
Small Claw Clinic, Forensic Medicine and Outpatient Clinic
Tel .: +49 511 856-7260
Clinic for cattle
Tel .: +49 511 856-7248


The library is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The library is closed on Saturdays. The employees can be reached from Monday to Friday by phone and by e-mail from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

+++++ Update March 13, 2020 +++++

Access to TiHo buildings

All students, employees or guests who have stayed in coronavirus risk areas must stay away from the TiHo for 14 days. The risk areas and especially affected areas are listed at

Teaching activities

In accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, the start of lectures will be postponed to Monday, April 20, 2020. No lectures will take place until then. This also applies to the School of Veterinary Medical Technical Assistants. Students in the practical year as well as doctoral and PhD students can continue their practical work.


Audits are carried out in principle. Please note that examiners and examinees from risk areas are not allowed to enter the TiHo and the latter can make up the exam at a later date.

Closure of the schools

If care shortages occur due to the closure of schools and daycare centers, these must be resolved in dialogue with the supervisors and, if necessary, the Department of human resources, law and elections. There are various options here, such as working from home, taking leave, reducing overtime or taking paid or unpaid leave. For employees with flexible working hours, the presidium has already decided to relax the current regulations. Employees can, in consultation with their supervisor or manager, accumulate up to 80 minus hours, which must be made up for at a later date.

Treatment of patients in the TiHo clinics

The TiHo clinics remain open for urgent cases. Scheduled interventions and treatments should be postponed to later appointments if possible. We kindly ask you to arrange already agreed appointments in individual cases and to postpone them if necessary.

In urgent cases we ask pet owners to call the respective clinic to clarify the case and possible risks in advance.

Events at the TiHo

Until June 30, 2020 all TiHo events will be cancelled or postponed. This includes the exam celebration, the graduation ceremony and the summer party.

Business trips

Missions are now only approved if they are absolutely necessary for the performance of the tasks. Until June 30, 2020, the use of private vehicles is possible without further justification. Business trips that have already been approved must be resubmitted for a new examination.


The library reading rooms will not be opened in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry. Borrowing books is still possible, however.

Internships from external students

School interns are currently not accepted.

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