The Gene, that turns ponies into big horses

The size of the horse has become increasingly important since the beginning of breeding history. Now, a mutation has been identified that has the greatest influence on the size development of the horse of all genetic variants known so far. Since the biological origin of this mutation is in small horses, it is also called ponymutation.
Horse breeders can use these new findings for their breeding decisions by means of a genetic test. The test is particularly recommended for all small horse breeds, which usually vary between the homozygous (pony/pony) or heterozygous (pony/large) pony genotype, and for all cold-blooded horse breeds, which more often have the large variant (large/large). In the warmblood horse breeds, this mutation is particularly important due to crossbreeding with English or Arabian Thoroughbreds, as these have the variant for the smaller size.
This test is not intended to replace size measurement, but to determine the influence of the test animal on the size of the offspring.

The following test results are possible:

  •     Pony/Pony: small (below breed average).
  •     Pony/Large: medium (average size of the breed)
  •     Large/Large: large (above breed average)

The data refer to the average size of the breed of the test animal.

For the test you have to send in

  •     EDTA blood sample (5-8 ml EDTA blood) or
  •     Hair sample (with approx. 50 hair roots)
  •     Copy of the equine passport or ownership certificate (pedigree)
  •     completely filled out form

Contact person:

Prof. Dr. Ottmar Distl
direct dial +49 511 953-8875
direct dial +49 511 953-8876
fax +49 511 953-8582
Prof. Dr. Julia Metzger
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
direct dial +49 511 953-8874
direct dial +49 511 953-8872
fax +49 511 953-8582