Fertility is a significant, economic factor in stallions - especially in artificial insemination. This factor can be measured by sperm quality and quantity, as well as the percentage of mares in foal after insemination. Although research regarding fertility in humans and other mammals has generally made great progress over the past few years, research into genetic influences on fertility in horses is still in its infancy.
At the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover Foundation, the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics, in cooperation with the Reproductive Medicine Unit of the Equine Clinic, is conducting a study on fertility in stallions. The study is based on molecular genetic methods and aims to verify and redevelop DNA markers for stallion fertility. EDTA blood samples from stallions used in covering are required for the study. A single sample collection per stallion is sufficient. The sample material will be treated confidentially and is available exclusively for the research project. Also, if there is a suspicion of infertility or abnormalities of the reproductive organs in a horse, we ask you to contact us. This offers us and you the possibility to carry out possible further examinations in the scientific interest. In these cases, a cytogenetic examination may often be indicated.

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