Lecture room

The duties of the Department comprise the teaching of general and special pharmacology as well as clinical pharmacology and the German drug act for students of veterinary medicine. 

Contact persons for teaching in veterinary medicine:

Prof. Dr. Franziska Richter Assencio
Dr. Jessica Meißner

The department hosts lectures and classes in pharmacology and toxicology as well as in neurobiology for students of biology (Bachelor, Master).
Contact persons for teaching in studies of biology:

Prof. Dr. Manuela Gernert

Dr. Birthe Gericke

Please refer to the university calender for current dates of lectures and classes.
Teaching materials can be downloaded by students via TiHo Moodle.

Furthermore, the Department offers lectures, seminaries, colloquia and classes for the Ph.D. programs of the TiHo.

Additional selected seminars and lectures in pharmacology:

Apl. Prof. Dr. Chris Rundfeldt
Apl. Prof. Dr. Marion Bankstahl