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Veterinary Medicine Historical Museum

The Veterinary Medical Historical Museum of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover Foundation was founded by Ernst-Heinrich Lochmann in 1973 and is the only specialized Museum open to the public of this kind in Germany. In a permanent exhibit, more than 650 exhibits provide insight into the history of the university and the development of veterinary medicine and veterinary activities. In 1995, the museum was expanded by a military historical department with around 300 exhibits. The total stock of the museum of instruments, devices, documents, writings and images from all areas of veterinary activity currently comprises around 6,000 objects which are housed in an area of approximately 230 square meters. The majority of them are stored in warehouses.


As in any other specialized historical museum, the fundamental tasks of museum work are fulfilled: collecting, preserving, exhibiting, researching and teaching. An official course is therefore offered for veterinary medicine students besides the general and specific guided tours for visitor groups and school classes. . Within the framework of these “guided tours through the Veterinary Medicine Historical Museum”, a group of no more than 20 students are familiarized with the fundamental activities and problems of museum work in four two-hour sessions.

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