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How to use the library

Registration for library use

 For registration, please bring your valid identity card or passport in combination with a registration confirmation from the public order office.

For students at the TiHo

As a student, the library card is integrated into your TiHo card. Registration is free of charge. Before you can lend or request media for the first time, you must have your TiHo card unlocked once at the loan desk.

For users of other Hanover libraries (HOBSY card owner)

If you have already registered at another library in Hannover, you can also apply for a free access to the TiHo library.

For external users

You can get a user card for the library from us (HOBSY card). A fee of € 5,00 must be paid for the first use of this card. After you have agreed to the library's rules of use, you can access the library's holdings.

Opening Hours
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