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Dr. Ariel Rodríguez

Dr. rer. nat. Ariel Rodríguez

Research interest

My research centers in the study of the processes generating biological diversity and specifically on the diversification of populations which ultimately lead to speciation. I am particularly interested in the mechanisms that generate the impressive genetic and phenotypic diversity of life forms. I approach these subjects with an evolutionary perspective at different levels, from molecular genetics and bioinformatics to traditional systematics and ecology. So far, most of my research has been focused on amphibian and reptiles which are excellent models for studies on evolutionary biology.

Dr. rer. nat. Ariel Rodríguez

Research Projects

  • Adaptationsgenetik von farbenfrohen Pfeilgiftfröschen. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (2016 – 2018, DFG: 263544360).
  • Phylogenetische Rekonstruktion der thermalen Nischen von Palaearktischen Eidechsen der Familie Lacertidae (2015 – 2018, DFG: 269736211) – Tec. University of Braunschweig, Germany (TU-BS).
  • Advertisement call variation in amphibians and its relevance in speciation (2012 – 2014). Georg-Forster Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
  • Natural and life history correlates of genetic diversity in tropical amphibians (2009 – 2013, DFG: 190323899).
  • Cryptic species of Cuban Eleutherodactylus frogs (2007 – 2010). Royal Belgian Museum of Natural History (Global Taxonomic Initiative) – TU-BS, Germany. Doctoral dissertation project.
  • Creation, preservation and management of natural history collections (1998-2012). IES, Cuba. Collaborator.
  • Emerging diseases in amphibians: The great threat to biodiversity (2004-2006). Natural History Museum, Madrid – IES, Cuba.
  • Study for the Conservation of the Flora and Fauna of Sierra de la Güira. (2002-2005). IES – National Environmental Agency, Cuba.
  • Herpetology of Central Cuba (2001-2003). IES – Smithsonian Institution – National Geographic Society.
  • Acoustic structure of amphibian communities of tropical and temperate regions in Cuba and Chile (2000-2002). Instuto de Ecología y Sistemática (IES), Cuba – University of Chile, Chile.

Awards & grants

10.2015 – 10.2016    
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund: Chytrid fungus threat on Cuban amphibians: island-wide screening and the quest for protective skin bacteria.

08.2012 – 11.2014

GeorgForster-Forschungstipendium fur Postdoktoranden, Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung.


04.2011 – 04.2012

Deutsche Gesselschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde e.V.: Entschlsselung der Diversitt der Froschzwerge: Phylogeographie des kubanischen Eleutherodactylus limbatus-Komplexes.


10.2007 – 10.2008

Global Taxonomic Initiative (GTI) Individual and Institutional Capacity Building in Taxonomy and Collection Management.


02.2005 – 02.2006

BBVA Foundation Awards for Biodiversity Conservation.


I. Articles in peer reviewed journals


Dugo-Cota, A., Vilá, C., Rodríguez, A., Gonzalez-Voyer, A. (2019): Ecomorphological convergence in Eleutherodactylus frogs: a case of replicate radiations in the Caribbean. Ecology Letters. 22: 884–893.


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Pröhl, H., Scherm, M.G., Meneses, S., Dreher, C.E., Meuche, I., Rodríguez, A. (2019): Female-female aggression is linked to food defence in a poison frog. Ethology 125: 222-231.


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Alonso Bosch, R., Rodríguez, A., Hernández Quinta, M. (2017): Advertisement call variation and individual acoustic distinctiveness in the explosive breeding toad Peltophryne cataulaciceps (Anura: Bufonidae). Acta Ethologica 20: 197–205.


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II. Articles in popular science journals


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