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AG Esser

Field of research

Acoustic communication and listening

  • Phonetic communication in social living bats
  • Mother-Child-communication
  • Audio-vocal learning
  • Acoustic individual recognition
  • Sound processing auditory cortex
  • Sound processing auditory midbrain
  • Echolocation in bats


Neuronal plasticity in the Amygdala

  • Influence of stress on neuronal morphology


Room cognition

  • Gender specifity orientation behaviour
  • 3D room cognition


 Vision physiology

  • Spectral sensitivity of the retina (e.g. electroretinography)
  • Light/Dark-Adaptation



  • Species specifity of electrolocation specifity of african slender stonebashers


Signalanalysis-lab (animal noises, language, electrolocation signals), Neurophysiologylab (e.g. single cell derivations, EEG), psychophysiology- (EKG, breathing, skin resistance) and psychoacousticlab, set-up for registration and analysis of electrolocation signals, flight channel with 3D-flight channel tracking, neurohistologylab (Kryostat, fluorescence microscopy, microphotography, digital image editing), breadings of neotropic bats, culturing of faintly electric fishes

Service offer

Evaluation of systems for sonic presentation, sonic detection and sonic analysis mainly in the field of Life Sciences, counselling of scientific institutions and authorities in the subject of cultivation, breeding and transportation of bats, extensive teaching activity at the Leibniz University Hannover

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