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History of the institute

Didactics Villa

The Institute was founded in 1965 by Prof. Dr. Manfred Roehrs (†). His major research focus was domestication research. Prof. Roehrs retired in 1993.

 In 1992, Prof. Dr. Stephan Steinlechner accepted a call for a professorship in comparative animal physiology  and introduced his research program on the ecophysiology of mammals.

Institute of Zoology

1996 Prof. Dr. Elke Zimmermann accepted a call for a professorship in Zoology with research focus on the Experimental Behavioral and Evolutionary Biology.

1998 PD Dr. Sabine Schmidt accepted a call for a Hochschuldozentur (Associate Professor) in Sensory Biology with a focus on Psychoacoustics of mammals.

2003 PD Dr. Karl-Heinz Esser established a working group on the Biology of Senses with focus on Psychoacoustic in mammals.


2009 Prof. Dr. Ute Radespiel got her apl. professorship. She established her research program on Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Genetics on Lemurs.

2010 Prof. Dr. Heike Pröhl got her apl. professorship for Bioacoustics and Ecoethology.

Prof. Dr. Steinlechner retired 2014.


2015 Prof. Dr. Felix Felmy accepted a call for a professorship in Cellular Neurophysiology and Neuroinfectiology and established his field of research.

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