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PD Dr. habil. Alexander Postel



Institute of Virology

Dept. of Infectious Diseases

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation
Bünteweg 17
D-30559 Hannover


Telefon: +49 511 953-8847

Fax:        +49 511 953-8898


Selected publications

Vilcek S, Leskova V, Meyer D, Postel A, Becher P (2014)

Molecular characterization of border disease virus strain Aveyron.
Veterinary Microbiology 171(1-2): 87-92. PMID: 24742950.

Neill JD, Ridpath JF, Fischer N, Grundhoff A, Postel A, Becher P (2014)

Complete genome sequence of pronghorn virus, a pestivirus.
Genome Announcement 2(3): e00575-14. PMID: 24926058.

Becher P, Fischer N, Grundhoff A, Stalder H, Schweizer M, Postel A (2014)

Complete Genome Sequence of Bovine Pestivirus Strain PG-2, a Second Member of the Tentative Pestivirus Species Giraffe.
Genome Announcement 2(3): e00376-14. PMID: 24831142.

Postel A, Moennig V, Becher P (2013)

Classical swine fever in Europe - the current situation.
Berliner Münchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 126(11-12): 468-75. PMID: 24511821.

Postel A, Schmeiser S, Perera CL, Rodriguez LP, Frias-Lepoureau MT & Becher P (2013)

Classical swine fever virus isolates from Cuba form a new subgenotype 1.4.

Veterinary Microbiology 161(3-4): 334-338. PMID: 22902191


Postel A, Jha VC, Schmeiser S & Becher P (2013)

First molecular identification and characterization of classical swine fever virus isolates from Nepal.

Archives of Virology 158(1): 207-10. PMID: 22975985


Becher P, Schmeiser S, Oguzoglu TC & Postel A (2012)

Complete Genome Sequence of a Novel Pestivirus from Sheep.

Journal of Virology 86(20): 11412. PMID: 22997427


Postel A, Schmeiser S, Bernau J, Meindl-Boehmer A, Pridotkas G, Dirbakova Z, Mojzis M & Becher P (2012)

Improved strategy for phylogenetic analysis of classical swine fever virus based on full-length E2 encoding sequences.

Veterinary Research 7;43(3):50.  PMID: 22676246.


Postel A, Ziller M, Rudolf M, Letzel T, Ehricht R, Pourquier P, Dauber M, Grund C, Beer M & Harder TC (2011)

Broad spectrum reactivity versus subtype specificity-trade-offs in serodiagnosis of influenza A virus infections by competitive ELISA.

Journal of Virological Methods 173(1): 49-59. PMID: 21237207


Postel A, Letzel T, Müller F, Ehricht R, Pourquier P, Dauber M, Grund C, Beer M & Harder TC (2011)

In vivo biotinylated recombinant influenza A virus hemagglutinin for use in subtype-specific serodiagnostic assays.

Analytical Biochemistry 411(1): 22-31. PMID: 21172299


Postel A, Letzel T, Frischmann S, Grund C, Beer M & Harder T (2010)

Evaluation of two commercial loop-mediated isothermal amplification assays for detection of avian influenza H5 and H7 hemagglutinin genes.

Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 22(1): 61-66. PMID: 20093684