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Profile & Structure

The Institute for Food Toxicology and Analytical Chemistry emerged in October 2007 by bringing together the Department for Analytical Chemistry and Endocrinology and Department for Food Toxicology of the “Zentrum für Lebensmittelwissenschaften” (Centre for Food Sciences) of TiHo. It performs teaching and research activities in the fields of Bioanorganic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Food Toxicology and Replacement/Complementary Methods to Animal Testing.


The Institute harbors the Department of Food Toxicology and Replacement/Complementary Methods to Animal Testing (Head: Prof. Dr. Pablo Steinberg), including the Laboratory of Bioanalytics (Head: PD Dr. Nils H. Schebb), and the Department of Analytical Chemistry (Head: Prof. Dr. Waldemar Ternes).


The main research areas are:

  • Molecular mechanisms of chemically-induced tumor formation in the gastrointestinal tract and development of replacement/complementary methods to animal testing to test the toxicity of chemicals (Prof. Steinberg)
  • Analysis of the biological activity of food constituents and contaminants by applying instrumental analytical methods (PD Dr. Schebb)
  • Analysis of physiologically and technologically active food constituents and determination of their metabolites (Prof. Ternes)
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