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Shar-Pei Fever/ SPAID

The Familial Shar-Pei Fever (FSF) is one of the symptoms detected in the so called

Shar-Pei Autoinflammatory Disease (SPAID). Typical signs of SPAID are inflammatory processes like recurrents bouts of fever, inflammations of the ear, arthritis and a reddened skin. Due to the circulating inflamatory cells affected dogs can also develop amyloidosis accompanied with severe damage of different organs like kidney, liver, pancreas, heart and intestinal submucosa.


Intense research work resulted in a genetic test for SPAID risk which is now available at the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics (TIHO Hannover).


If you would like to test your Shar-Pei for SPAID risk or if you just would like to support further research on Shar-Pei please send 3-5ml EDTA-blood (no serum! not centrifuged!) together with the filled in form and a pedigree of your dog (if available) to the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Veterinay Research, Foundation. The shipping address can be found on the form. Sample receipt will be confirmed by the invoice. For customers outside of Germany, the invoice and test results will be send by mail (if available).


Members of 1. DSPC get free testing until 31.05.2017. From 01.06.2017 all customers who would like to have a test result will be charged 56€ for SPAID testing.


There is a prize reduction for SPAID-testing if samples are shipped in a bunch of ten or more samples (one shipping unit):

from 10 samples: 10% discount

from 30 samples: 20% discount


Please fill in the form:

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