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Carla Schmutte

Carla Schmutte started an apprenticeship as a Biological-Technical Assistance at the Sabine Blindow-Schools of Hannover in 2014 after she visited a college for 6 months in New Zealand.

During her training, she took part in the nationwide competition of the company Miltenyi Biotec and achieved the 3rd place.

She received this for the scientific report on the investigation of the parasites Mytilicola intestinalis and Mytilicola orientalis to find out what kind of influence the parasites have on the rate of growth and proliferation of the blue mussels in the norther Wadden Sea of Germany.

After her examination as a state-certified Biological-Technical Assistant in 2016, she worked as a trainee at the University Of Veterinary Medicine Hannover in the Institute of Zoology for 6 months and earned the practical part of the qualification to study at universities.


During the internship she collected valuable experience for her professional career and since July 2017 she supports the working group of Dr. Imke Steffen.

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