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Hadeel Shammas

Hadeel Shammas studied biology at Aleppo University in Syria and graduated with a B. Sc. in Biology/Biochemistry in 2007. She received her Master-degree in October 2011 with a thesis entitled “The Effect of Drugs Acting in Diverse Neuromechanisms on Locomotor Behavior in Parkinsonian Rats” which she performed in collaboration with the Zoology (Physiology) Laboratory at the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Pharmacology at Aleppo University.  In December 2012, Hadeel joined the Institute of Physiological Chemistry at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover as PhD student with in the ‘’Systems Neuroscience’’ program. Her project is entitled ‘’Pathophysiology and possible Biomarkers in Morbus Niemann-Pick-Type C (NPC) with Emphasis on Membrane Function and Lipid Composition’’. The thesis is supervised by Prof. Das from the Hannover Medical School and Prof. Naim from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover.

NPC is a severe neurodegenerative disease which is mainly caused by mutations in the NPC1-gene. In her research Hadeel creates distinct mutations in the NPC1 gene by site-directed mutagenesis and investigates the impact of the mutations on folding and trafficking of the NPC1 protein. Moreover, she will analyze the influence of the mutations on lipid rafts and cellular lipid composition followed by the consequences for the trafficking and enzyme activity of intestinal disaccharidases like sucrase-isomaltase. Results from Hadeel’s work might help to explain the strongly varying, especially gastrointestinal symptoms of NPC-patients.


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