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Other research groups are also allowed to use the confocal microscope. A charge will be applied to cover the costs of maintenance and repairs. Please see the operation guide for further information Benutzerordnung. The information about the costs incurred are valid for users from the TiHo (internal = coapplicant DFG; external = non-coapplicant DFG). For further inforamtion, please, contact the responsible persons


Scientists responsible for the microscope: Prof. Dr. Maren von Köckritz-Blickwede, Dr. Nicole de Buhr und Silke Akhdar.


The microscopes can be reserved weekdays from 8.00-17.00. If you would like to reserve the microscope, please send an email to the Biochemistry secretary using the following format: Biochemie-Geschäftszimmer


Name Research group Microscope Date Start End

E.g. Smith Naim SP5 15.01.16 10 16


If this is your first time using one of these microscopes at the institute, please contact one of the scientists mentioned above, and they will be happy to give you a technical introduction. A brief introduction into the capabilities, which aren’t included in depth in the technical introduction, can be found here. hier

Reserved dates

Januar SP5 SP2
02 11-14 Toutounji  
04 09-11 Henneck  
08 10-12 Shammas 14-16 Shammas  
09 14-15 de Buhr  
10 09-10 Shin /Parfentev Einweisung  
15 15-16 Langer  
16 08-10 Meurer, 10-12 Husein, 16-17 Fischer, Felmy  
17 09-10 Mayer, 15-17 Fischer, Felmy  
18 09-17 von Köckritz-Blickwede  
19 10-12 de Buhr, 12-14 Mayer  
22 09-10 Shin /Parfentev Einweisung  
24 10-13 Mayer  
25 10-12 Baien, 14-15 Baien  
26 14-15 Baien  
Februar SP5 SP2
15 09-11 Janze /Parfentev Einweisung  
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