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    The research performed in the Department of Physiological Chemistry centres around the pathobiochemistry of membrane and protein transport, and infection biochemistry. The department utilises state of the art equipment including:


    • Confocal lasers canning microscope (Leica TCS SP5 AOBS with Tandem-Scanner and climatic chamber, Leica TCS SP2)
    • Surface plasmon resonance (Biacore 3000)
    • Real time PCR (Smart cycler II)
    • ChemiDoc and GelDoc
    • FemtoJet Micro injector
    • Electrophoresis chambers for isoelectric focusing (2-D gels)
    • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
    • Gas chromatography (GC)
    • Thin layer chromatography (TLC)
    • Cell culture
    • Radioactive laboratory
    • Ultracentrifuges
    • Spectrophotometer
    • Fluorometer
    • Stopped-flow-spectrometer
    • Hypoxia chamber
    • TEER Electrical resistance system(millicell  ERS-2)
    • Recombinant DNA work (S2)
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