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Animal Welfare Center

Know­led­ge pro­tects ani­mals


The ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter is a cen­tral  fa­ci­li­ty of the Ve­te­rina­ry School of Han­no­ver for com­bi­ned working on and ans­we­ring prob­lems in the field of ani­mal wel­fa­re. Mo­reo­ver is the Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­te­r the address for ques­ti­ons in re­spect to Ani­mal Wel­fa­re within and out­si­de the Ve­te­rina­ry School of Han­no­ver. In this re­spect the Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter is also respo­nsib­le for the pub­lic re­la­ti­on of the Ve­terin­a­ry School of Han­no­ver.


Be­cause ani­mal wel­fa­re in all are­as can not be re­pre­sen­ted  sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly com­pe­tent by just  one per­son, the Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter is sup­por­ted by a sci­en­ti­fic ad­vi­so­ry board. All sci­en­ti­fic in­sti­tu­ti­ons of the Ve­te­rina­ry School of Han­no­ver are re­pre­sen­ted by one mem­ber in this sci­en­ti­fic ad­vi­so­ry board,. The ad­vi­so­ry board sup­ports the di­rec­tor of the Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter.


The Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter ini­ti­a­tes, coor­di­na­tes and ta­kes care sci­en­ti­fic re­search in re­spect to ani­mal wel­fa­re. The main focus of this re­search are to ela­bo­ra­te sci­en­ti­fic cri­te­ria for  the hou­sing, care and ­hand­ling of ani­mals ac­cor­ding to the key-note "Know­led­ge pro­tects ani­mals". Other tasks of the Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter can be sum­ma­ri­zed by the con­cep­ti­on "Ser­vice", just like li­te­ra­ture sear­ches, po­si­ti­on pa­pers and ex­pert state­ments in ani­mal wel­fa­re re­le­vant to­pics, gi­ving ad­vice in re­spect to sci­en­ti­fic ani­mal wel­fa­re for go­vern­men­tal autho­ri­ties, as­so­ci­a­ti­ons and in­di­vi­du­al, educa­ti­on and trai­ning in the field of ani­mal wel­fa­re not only for ve­teri­na­ri­ans, but also for te­achers, and fi­nal­ly in­for­ming the pub­lic in re­spect to sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly ba­sed ani­mal wel­fa­re.


As the Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter must co­ver its ex­pen­ses, be­cau­se it only was suppor­ted by an ini­ti­al fi­nan­ci­al sup­port of the so­cie­ty of the fri­ends of the Ve­te­rina­ry School of Han­no­ver and by pro­vi­ding the spa­ce and in­ven­to­ry within the Ve­te­rina­ry School. The­re­fo­re finan­ci­al re­search sup­port and do­na­ti­ons are  wel­co­med (Ac­count-No. 106 031 529 at the Nord­deut­sche Lan­des­bank Han­no­ver ban­king code 250 500 00 IBAN DE 40 2505 0000 0106 0315 29, SWIFT-BIC: NOLA DE 2H, with the key word: Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter). All this fi­nan­ci­al sup­port will only be used for pur­po­ses ac­cor­ding to the sta­tu­tes of the Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter. The Ani­mal Wel­fare Cen­ter is a cha­ri­tab­le in­sti­tu­ti­on.


The Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter can be con­tac­ted by:

In­sti­tu­te for Ani­mal Wel­fa­re and Be­ha­viour

Ani­mal Wel­fa­re Cen­ter Uni­ver­si­ty of Ve­te­rina­ry Me­di­ci­ne Han­no­ver

Bu­en­te­weg 2

D-30559 Han­no­ver

Tel.: +49 511 953 8141

Fax: +49 511 953 5056

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