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News, events and key dates

Promovendi of the PhD program "Animal and Zoonotic Infections“ winter term 2019

IBS (Seminar on Infection Biology, Infektionsbiologisches Seminar)

Time: every second Monday, 14:15 h,

Location: TiHo, Institute for Animal Breeding (Institut für Tierzucht), Bünteweg 17p, lecture hall (unless otherwise noted)


Programme for download.

IBS Winter term 2019/20
21.10.2019 Nadine Krüger
Institute for Virology, TiHo
"Interspecies transmission of bat-borne RNA viruses"
04.11.2019 Katharina Hommerich
Institut für Biometrie, Epidemiologie und Informationsverarbeitung, TiHo
"Antimicrobial usage in German cattle farms - influencing factors and antimicrobial classes used"
18.11.2019 Vinicius Pinho dos Reis
Virale Zoonosen – One Health, Heinrich-Pette-Institut Hamburg
"Zika Virus neurotropism and associated neurocognitive impairment"
02.12.2019 Christiane Riedel
Virologie, Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien
"Unraveling rabies virus architecture by cryo electron microscopy"
16.12.2019 Rik de Swart
Viroscience, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
"Measles immune suppression: lessons learnt from animal models and clinical studies"
13.01.2020 Paul Brown
ANSES Ploufragan, France
"Host specificity of Avian Metapneumoviruses"
27.01.2020 Mathias Boelke
Institut für Parasitologie/RIZ, TiHo
"Neuropathology of arthropod-born Flaviviruses"
Winter term 2019/2020  
Lectures 14.10.2019–31.01.2020
Re-enrolment 15.07.–01.09.2019
Graduate School Day (obligatory) 29./30.11.2019 (Fri/Sat)
Meeting of the PhD students 29.11.2019
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis application deadline: 30.09.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 09.09.
internal + external report until 11.10.2019
display 10 days: 14.–28.10.2019
PhD defence 28.10.–01.11.2019 (Mon–Fri)
Promotion ceremony 06.12.2019, 11:00 (Fri)
Summer term 2020  
Lectures 14.04.–17.07.2020
Re-enrolment 21.01.–15.03.2020
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis application deadline: 31.03.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 17.02.2020
internal + external report until 16.03.
display 10 days: 16.–27.03.2020
PhD defence 30.03.–03.04.2020 (Mon–Fri)
Promotion ceremony 12.06.2020, 14:15 (Fri)
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