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Poster Prize Winner 2019:

Congratulations to the winner of the 2019 Graduate School Day poster prizes:

  • Karina Lillevang, Reproductive Unit, TiHo (PhD program Veterinary Research and Animal Biology)
  • Robert Meineke, RIZ, TiHo (PhD program Animal and Zoonotic Infections)
  • Kathleen Schön, Institute for Parasitology and Imunology Unit (PhD program Animal and Zoonotic Infections)
  • Tobias Schüning, Institute for Neuroanatomy and Cell Biology, MHH (PhD program Systems Neuroscience)
  • Isabelle Zdora, Institute for Pathology, TiHo (PhD program Systems Neuroscience)




13. Graduate School Day: 20/21 November 2020 in Hanover






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