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AG Zimmermann

Research topics

Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Genetics

  • role of communication and cognition in speciation and adaptation
  • mating and social systems, female dominance, genetic paternal and parental analyses
  • ecological niche modeling
  • geographical variation and behavioral plasticity
  • habitat fragmentation
  • phylogeny, phylogeography and conservation genetics
  • management and breeding of mouse lemurs

regional focus: Madagascar, Malaysia


Biocommunication / Psychoacoustics

  • evolution of non-verbal communication, music and speech
  • natural, sexual and kin selection and communication
  • development of novel techniques for the acoustic analysis of emotions in animals and man
  • bioacoustical techniques to determine and monitor species diversity

regional focus: Madagascar, Malaysia

model groups: tree shrews, rodents, cats, dogs, primates (esp. mouse lemurs)


Cognitive Ethology

  • sound perception and categorization in animals and man
  • social and ecological intelligence
  • spatial orientation and spatial memory
  • personality: proximate mechanisms and ultimate consequences
  • laterality and handedness

model groups: tree shrews, rodents, cats, dogs, primates (esp. mouse lemurs)


Bioacoustic laboratory to analyse animal sound and human speech; sound attenuated rooms for psychoacoustical studies; conditioning laboratory; GPS-based radiotelemetry; S1 laboratory for molecular genetics; videometric laboratory to automatically analyse space use and behavior in animals; behavioral phenotyping platforms; basic equipment for field research in behavioral ecology; usage of field stations in Madagascar and Borneo


Consulting in the following areas: animal wildlife, conservation, housing and breeding of tree shrews and mouse lemurs.

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