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Bertrand Andriatsitohaina

Bertrand Andriatsitohaina

Doctoral student


Project: “The effect of habitat fragmentation on the ecology and distribution of mouse lemurs (Microcebus spp.) and small mammals (native Eliurus myoxinus, invasive Rattus rattus) in northwestern Madagascar”.


This project aims to understand how ecological changes in the habitat and the degree of forest fragmentation influence the distribution of mouse lemurs and small mammals such as the endemic tuft-tail rats in ecological networks in northwestern Madagascar. Ecological network features shall be identified that may be critical for the persistence and long-term survival of the study species and that may influence their abundance in forest fragments of this region.

In particular, this project will investigate the role of the following network features: (i) Study region, (ii) fragment size, (iii) fragment shape, (iv) edge effects, (v) effects of habitat disturbance, (vi) distance to the continuous forest, (vii) effects of variations in vegetation structure. These factors will be related to the abundance of the model species in the fragments. This project is therefore highly relevant for the effective conservation of these species in their natural habitats and for the preservation of the Malagasy biodiversity in general.

Bertrand Andriatsitohaina

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