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At RIZ you can find diverse up to date equipment for specific techniques for general usage of all TiHo members and guests. The whole equipment can be used for S2 methods.


If you are interested please contact:


Dr. Tina Basler:                 856 6141  tina.basler@tiho-hannover.de

VMTA Stephanie Geveke:   856 6134  stephanie.geveke@tiho-hannover

(technical questions)


Equipment available:

Axio Imager M2 with ApoTome (Zeiss)

FACS Attune NxT with Autosampler

Multi-mode-plate reader Tecan infinite 200 pro

Qiacube Automat for automatic preparation of  Qiagen-Colums

Qiacube HT Pipet roboter for automatic highthroughput extraktion for 96 well-plates

Nikon Microscope with climate chamber for life-cell-imaging

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Research Center for Emerging Infections and Zoonoses
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