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Scientific training of a new generation of neuroinfectiologists


Currently, Systems Neuroscience and Animal and Zoonotic Infections represent two PhD programs at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo) under the roof of the Hannover Graduate School of Veterinary Pathobiology, Neuroinfectiology and Translational Medicine (HGNI) of the TiHo. 

Additionally, the TiHo offers a Master of Science in Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences focusing on biodiversity, infection and neuroscience.

The aim of this network is to create a new generation of scientists with expertise in the field of neuroinfectiology who will be able to face the future challenges in this emerging research field.

The existing PhD programs form the backbone of the N-RENNT faculty by combining successful elements of the programs together with advanced training of soft skills.

Recruitment of excellent young scientists will be achieved by world-wide advertisements to attract the best brains for this network. In addition, emphasis will be put on recruitingprospective students from the "pool" of the TiHo Master program Animal Biology and Biomedical Sciences and the Master programs of the Hannover Medical School ("Biomedicine") and the Georg August University Göttingen ("Neurosciences").

Every year the students will participate in a spring school with outstanding scientists in the field of neuroinfectiology  complemented by an international symposium on neuroinfectiology .

Additionally, once a year the students will present their thesis project during a public colloquium at the annual HGNI Graduate School Day.

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