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Promovendi of the PhD program „Animal and Zoonotic Infections“ winter term 2017

IBS (Seminar on Infection Biology, Infektionsbiologisches Seminar)

Time: Mondays, 14:15 h,

Location: TiHo, RIZ, Zoonosis Centre, Bünteweg 17, seminar room 2nd floor (unless otherwise noted)

Programme for download.

IBS Winter term 2017
16.10.2017 Dennis Rubbenstroth
Virologie, Universität Freiburg
Avian bornaviruses: evolution, epidemiology and vaccination
23.10.2017 Berufungsverfahren W3-Professur „Virale Zoonosen im One Health-Kontext"
  Prof. Dr. Gülsah Gabriel
Heinrich-Pette-Institut, Hamburg
Viral Zoonosis – common and distinct determinants of mammalian host adaptation
  Prof. Dr. Alex D. Greenwood
Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung, Berlin
OneHealth – The Zoo in Viral Zoonosis
  Prof. Dr. Eike Steinmann
Twincore, Hannover
Clinical and molecular replication mechanisms of hepaciviruses and hepatitis E virus
30.10.2017 Esther Schnettler
Bernhard-Nocht-Institut, Hamburg
The antiviral RNAi response in arthropod vectors
13.11.2017 Susanne Herold
Medizinische Klinik II, Infektiologie, Universität Gießen
Macrophages in influenza virus induced lung injury resolution and repair
27.11.2017 Minka Breloer
Bernhard-Nocht-Institut, Hamburg
Strongyloides ratti: immune response and immune evasion during helminth infection
11.12.2017 Uwe Ritter
Immunologie, Universität Regensburg
Myeloid cells: pivotal modulators of adaptive immunity against Leishmania parasites
15.01.2018 Gottfried Alber
Immunologie, Universität Leipzig
Analysis of T helper cells in pigs, dogs and mice
22.01.2018 Benjamin Schusser
Biotechnologie der Reproduktion, TU München/Weihenstephan
Genetically engineered chickens: New models to analyze host-pathogen interaction and vaccine responses in chickens
Winter term 2017/2018  
Lectures 09.10.2017–27.01.2018
Re-enrolment 17.07.–01.09.2017
Graduate School Day (obligatory) 01./02.12.2017 (Fri/Sat)
Meeting of the PhD students 01.12.2017
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis application deadline: 30.09.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 11.09.
internal + external report until 13.10.2017
display 10 days: 16.–30.10.2017
PhD defence 30.10.–03.11.2017 (Mon–Fri)
Promotion ceremony 08.12.2017, 11:00 (Fri)
Summer term 2018  
Lectures 09.04.–14.07.2018
Re-enrolment 22.01.–15.03.2018
PhD stipend for finishing the thesis application deadline: 31.03.
PhD defence:  
Submission of the PhD thesis until 16.02.
internal + external report until 23.03.
display 10 days: 26.03.–06.04.2018
PhD defence 09.–13.04.2018 (Mon–Fri)
Promotion ceremony 15.06.2018, 14:15 (Fri)
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