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With alumni in professional positions of university faculties and in various clinics (Vet. med. & Hum. med.), research agencies and industry in Germany, Europe and world wide, our students are well represented and have a strong record of obtaining positions; some at major research universities, some at smaller colleges and universities that emphasize research, others in the private sector.


Our graduates are listed below with the year of degree and title of the PhD thesis.

To see full versions of the theses, please use the link to the library of the TiHo.


Tanja Krimmling

Analysis of porcine precision-cut tissue slices infected by porcine coronaviruses and swine influenza A virus


Dennis Pägelow

A neonatal CNS infection model following nasal challenge with Listeria monocytogenes


Stefanie Blodkamp

The effect of antimicrobial peptides to the innate host responses against zoonotic Staphylococcus aureus


Sebastian Felgner

Salmonella Typhimurium – The "magic bullet" against cancer?


Zifeng Han

The role and interaction of gut microflora and local immune response in Campylobacter jejuni infection in chicken


Annette Julia Kaiser

Interaction of primary chicken intestinale epithelial cells with low pathogenic avian influenza virus and velogenic viscerotropic Newcastle disease virus


Anna Koczula

Metabolic adaptation of Streptococcus suis to different host environments


Anna Theresa Rüdiger

Analysis of viral and host factors influencing Alphacoronavirus life cycle in chiropteran and porcine cell lines


Nai-Huei Wu

Co-infection of porcine respiratory epithelial cells by influenza viruses and Streptococcus suis


Nicole de Buhr

Interaction of Streptococcus suis with neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs)


Martina Hesse

Characterization of the binding properties of the Avian Coronavirus spike protein


Lea Heuer

CNS damage by Toxocara spp. – in vivo and in vitro investigations on demyelination and cytotoxicity


Elisabeth Janecek


Migrationsverhalten von Toxocara-Larven und resultierende Transkriptregulation im Zuge der Toxocara-Infektion des paratenischen Wirtes


Sarah Leist

Analysis of the host response to influenza A virus infection in mouse genetic reference populations


Nathalie Zeitouni

The role of hypoxia in the epithelial cell response to Yersinia enterocolitica


Krüger, Nadine

Interaction of bat-derived paramyxoviruses with chiropteran and non-chiropteran cells: Functional characterization of the African henipavirus and bat-derived mumps virus fusion and attachment glycoptoteins


Neumann, Ariane

Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs): Mechanisms of NET induction, bacterial NET degradation and host protection against bacterial degradation


Wendlandt, Sarah

Comparative molecular analysis of Staphylococcus aureus from intensive livestock farming with emphasis on LA-MRSA of poultry origin

Alumni: first employment after PhD

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